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Updated: Apr 5

In 2021, we managed to put on the festival against all odds - 6 weeks before it happened, we were still unsure it was going ahead. Whilst we were happy it went ahead - (especially when so many others didn’t), we were left with a much longer list of improvements than normal. The good news is, that now, with loads more time to plan, and loads less covid restrictions, and less annoying things like beer shortages, and no available staff anywhere etc, we’re going to make 2022 the best Detonate Festival there has been. Thanks to everyone who filled in our survey. Here’s the quick list of what’s new and improved for 2022…

  • Ticketing: No App or ticket activation needed in 2022

  • Brand new Waters edge bar and hangout

  • Sound: Improved throughout - especially in the Big Top & The Clearing

  • Safe space in collaboration with FlyGirl

  • More woodland hangouts

  • Cashless: the whole payment system revamped

  • More Street Art and Installations

  • Bars: Bigger bars, more staff, and wider variety of drinks

  • Transport: More buses to and from the site

Ticketing: No App or ticket activation needed in 2022

We tried to streamline everything so that people just walk in, show their covid pass, scan a ticket in the app which would load their drinks vouchers straight onto their wristband and that’s it. Straight to the bar. Unfortunately the app didn’t work for some people, which caused a load of stress, and then stopped the buying of vouchers in advance.

For 2022: You don’t need the app, or to activate your ticket. We’re going back to what worked before. And, it’s unlikely you’ll need to show covid test results so that whole ballache is no more.

Brand new waters edge bar and hangout

We’re blessed with one of the most scenic festival sites around, especially being so close to the city. We always feel like we should create more hangout space where people can take it all in. So this year we are!

Sound: Improved throughout

We’ve linked up with the dons of Festival sound F1 Acoustics to help us navigate the restrictions and make sure it’s significantly louder than last year. We know we can get it to where we need it to be, because it’s been loads better before. We’ve made it a big priority for this year.

Safe space in collaboration with FlyGirl

We’ve linked up with FlyGirl, a Nottingham organisation who focus on improving the experiences of women, trans and non binary individuals, to create a safe space. FlyGirl work closely with organisations to promote an improved understanding of how nightlife and event spaces in particular can ensure that Women, Trans and Non-Binary individuals are appropriately catered to. They’ll have visible stewards around the event who are there to offer help, support and a friendly face whatever your concerns may be.

More woodland hangouts

Last year we extended our woodland area into the actual woods. It worked really well and so we’re making it bigger.

Cashless: the whole payment system revamped

As mentioned above, we had problems with people not being able to top up in advance, which in turn caused queues for top up stations on site. It’s pretty hard to get fully reliable internet across a park with a load of lakes in, which is the main reason just normal card payments are hard to do. But even still internet drop outs caused further issues with taking top up payments. So we’re revamping the whole lot. It might still be a voucher system that is loaded onto a wristband but if it is, we'll be going back to what worked very smoothly in 2019. Whatever it is, it is going to be massively improved.

More Street Art and Installations

As big fans of graffiti and street art, we were really happy to link up with our good friend and local street artist Kid30 who curated and painted a lot of what was around the site. We’re going to expand that for 2022. There’s some seriously good artists in Nottingham and so we’ll be showcasing more this year.

Bars: Bigger bars, more staff, and wider variety of drinks

I don’t want to look like we’re making excuses but a beer can shortage, an HGV driver shortage, and a staff shortage definitely didn’t help the bars run as smoothly as they should have. This year, we’re extending all bars, and will have more staff. Again, it’s a big priority for 2022 to reduce any time spent queuing at a bar.

We’re also extending the range of drinks on offer.

Transport: More buses to and from the site

More buses. Loads more. To and from.



If there are other things not covered here that you think we should improve, please do get in touch on

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