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It’s important to us that everyone coming to the Festival feels safe. In 2022 we are working with FlyGirl and Tiger Tea Welfare Services to have a safe space and increased levels of support on site. The safe space can be accessed via the welfare tent which is in The Clearing (main stage arena). Since 2020, FlyGirl have positioned themselves more heavily in the realm of Women’s safety due to an increased urgency within this space. During this time they have been working closely with local authorities and established Arts organisations across the UK to promote an improved understanding of how nightlife and event spaces in particular can ensure that Women, Trans and Non-Binary individuals are appropriately catered to. FlyGirl will have visible stewards around the event who are there to offer help, support and a friendly face whatever your concerns may be. Our safe space can offer some calm if you are feeling overwhelmed or uncomfortable and act as a place to report any abuse or harassment. If you witness something where you can see someone else in an uncomfortable situation, please don’t be a bystander. Report it.

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